PsyMate™ was developed by the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Maastricht UMC+ (NL) as an instrument to assess and cope with psychological problems in everyday life.

The Province of Limburg supports the development of PsyMate™.

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PsyMate™ development

The PsyMate™ leads to positive healthcare. We don´t believe in the traditional hierarchic doctor - patient relation. We want to support people to live a good and independent life by coping with physical and mental problems! Our ambition is to share the PsyMate™ possibilities with as many people as possible.


We kindly invite citizens, patients, clinicians, companies and scientists to join us and share ideas for the future development of the PsyMate™. Every financial contribution to our work would be greatly appreciated and put to good use! We are always happy to discuss any possibilities to do something for you in return.


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Health Foundation Limburg (mental health fund), supports scientific medical research of the department of Psychiatry and Psychology of Maastricht UMC+, including PsyMate development.